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Felipe Rodriguez Llanos

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As a Greenkeeper my training as an agricultural engineer and Golf Professional, gives me a vision not only technical but also sportive. For me, golf course should not only be showed in a perfect state also must offer many ways of how could be played with different levels of care.

Golf courses must be in line with the environment arround them, introducing native species of vegetation, developing an aesthetic landscape according with the golf course and always guaranteeing a perfect course playability.

The cost control is an important pillar within the implementation of a good maintenance. Our direct relationship with directors and managers makes the relation cost/maintenance level of the course, be adjusted to the needs of each course and the objectives previously marked and accorded.

We must offer more quality if we want more clients and more revenue, new players demand make necessary better human teams more formed and more committed to quality and good know-how.

Since 1998 to date this has been my goal and is reflected in a great relationship with all the courses in which I have had the great honor of worked with and I appreciate in all of them their confidence in my.

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