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Felipe Rodriguez Llanos

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The teaching golf is pure passion. As third golf pro generation, I have lived teaching since my childhood.

My training as golf professional was born my father Felipe Rodríguez Martín, is continued by Gallardo Pepito during my years of scholarship at the National School of Golf, also in my first years of professional under the orders of Jesús Arruti and currently working in the golf school of the Luna brothers (Moon Masters) and while I never sotpped my formation attending to conferences and courses throughout Europe and U.S.A. always listening to the latest currents in higher education levels.

My technical training has allowed me to work with modern technology systems. Biomechanical studies, the analysis in 3D, video and analysis systems in real time with immediate feedback to the player, are tools used in my day to day.

Teaching involves not only technical but also pedagogical knowledge, it is vital to know how the brain learns and how to activate in the players, in the best possible way, the fastest routes to learn. In this sense I thanks to Oscar del Río his contributions and assistance as well as what I have learned in a huge number of courses to improve the pedagogy of golf teachers and the extensive bibliography consulted for this same purpose.

Teaching is for me a vocation, a passion and something that I will always do because it is one of the parts that complete my passion for golf and so I want to transmit it to my pupils.

I am grateful to all those professionals who have helped me in my training, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for golf.

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